Nano Key Biometric

Hidden and Secure – Instant Access with a Simple Touch

Simply Scan Your Finger

Safe Receives Signal

Immediate Access Granted


Mount or place anywhere for on demand access.


Rechargeable lithium power means you don’t need to replace the batteries.
Just plug it in and charge it up when needed.

2hr Charge lasts up to 3 Months

Packed with Features

Smarter and More Secure.

One Touch

With a simple touch, get immediate access into your safe.

20 Unique Prints

With additional print enrollment you can add friends or family.

Rechargeable Battery

Plug in your Nano Key and charge within 2 hrs for up to 3 months of life.

20ft Range

Extended range so you can better place where needed.


Easy to place anywhere you see fit. Hide it as a panic button.

Safe Compatibility

Works with a wide range of safes.

Nano Key Biometric is compatible with Slider Series Bluetooth and WiFi models (SL20/SL20i/NSL20/NSL20i), VT Series Bluetooth models (VT/VTi), MX Series Bluetooth and WiFi models (MX/MXi/NMX/NMXi), and RS Series (RS200i/RS500i/RS800i) safes.


Not compatible with LifePod, 10 Series, 20 Series, or Essential Series models.