Vehicle Placement

We recommend installing the vehicle mount on the backside of the passenger seat. You can adjust to suit your personal preference, but we’ve found this position to offer quick access by simply reaching behind the passenger’s set while in the driver’s position.


STEP 1 : Wrap around the seat

Using the strap and cam buckle provided, position the mounting plate behind the passenger seat, and wrap around the seat. Feed the loose end of the strap through the cam buckle and pull to a comfortable tightness so the mounting plate is not loose.

Depending on your seat size and configuration, the cam buckle will rest on the outside of the seat. This will minimize any interference with seating functions.

TIP! Use the strap ties provided to help organize excess strapping outside the cam buckle.


STEP 2 : Anchor security cable to vehicle

The included security cable secures the safe to your vehicle to help deter theft and help prevent common smash and grabs. It can wrap around any of the vehicle’s bracketry under the seat or loop around a fixed object your choice.

Using the collared end of the security cable wrap the cable around a fixed object or seat bracket and feed the collared end through the looped end of the cable to anchor in place.


STEP 3 : Attach security cable to mounting plate

After the security cable is anchored to your vehicle and looped around a fixed object, attach the security cable to the safe’s mounting plate.

Press and loose collared end of the cable into the mounting plate bottom. A threaded insert on the mounting plate goes through the open hole of the collar.

Use the provided security nut to tighten the cable onto the mounting plate and secure in place.


STEP 4 : Install safe onto mounting plate

Now that the mounting plate is securely in place and the security cable attached, the next step is installing your safe on the mounting plate just as you normally would. Open the safe and match the locking tabs on the plate with the corresponding slots on the safe.