On this page you’ll learn everything to operate and get the most out of your new Vaultek 10 Series.

How to pair with your Vaultek safe?

Watch the easy to follow how-to-video above.

1) Get the App. Download the Vaultek app from the Google Play store or Apple store. IMPORTANT do not download the Vaultek WiFi app as that is used for WiFi models only.

2) Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth settings are set to ON, and open the Vaultek app to begin.

3) Create a Pattern Lock This is an added layer of protection to safeguard your safe and prevent unauthorized access in the event your phone is misplaced. To create your pattern lock, simply drag your finger along the screen to connect at least four dots. This unique pattern will be required each time you open the app.

4) Select Your Safe After a few seconds your safe will appear in the search. You can drag the screen downwards to refresh if you are not seeing your safe listed. Select your safe, and enter your safe’s master code when prompted. This is the same code used to open the safe using the numeric keypad.

IMPORTANT If you change your safe’s master code after pairing, the safe will no longer connect to your app, and you will be prompted to enter the new code when needed.

IMPORTANT As a security measure, if too many incorrect master code entries are entered, your safe’s Bluetooth will disable and must be toggled ON again using the hot key sequence.

5) Sync Your Phone – A. Press and hold keys ‘4’ and ‘5’ on your safe followed by the “PROGRAM” button together for 3 seconds to start the syncing protocol. B. When the keypad starts blinking RED you can finalize the pairing sequence from your app screen by pressing ‘OK’. The safe’s keypad will flash GREEN and beep when complete. If the keypad flashes RED with two beeps you will need to start over with step 4.

TIP This pairing sequence offers enhanced security protection and can only be used to pair one phone to your safe. If the process is repeated with a different phone, the previous phone will be overridden and disconnected from the safe.

Remote Unlock This feature will be grayed out as a default and will need to be enabled. Refer to “Unlock feature is grayed out on the app”.

Don't see safe name in device list?

IMPORTANT Make sure you are using the Vaultek Bluetooth app and not the Vaultek WiFi app.

The device name you may be seeing in the “Select Your Safe” is the default name assigned to the safe. Example: “VAULTEK-1B7A”. Select that and once you successfully pair you can change the name.

How to change safe name?

1) From the Vaultek app dashboard select “More” from the lower right corner.

2) Select “Name Your Safe”.

3) Name your safe.

Why do I have to re-pair my app?

A) In the event an authorized user paired another phone to your safe you will be prompted to re-pair. The safe is designed to pair with one phone at a time.

B) In the event an authorized user changed the safe’s master code after pairing, the safe will no longer connect to your app, and you will be prompted to enter the new code when needed.

Unlock feature is grayed out.

By default, the unlock feature is disabled. To toggle ON press and hold keys “1” and “4” followed by the “PROGRAM” button for 3 seconds. If keys ‘2’ and ‘3’ turn GREEN the unlock feature is enabled. If keys ‘2’ and ‘3’ turn RED the unlock feature is disabled.

Connectivity Issues

Having trouble viewing your safe when setting up your app please try the steps below.


2) SOFT RESET SAFE: Remove battery for 5 seconds and reinstall. Note, the program info will not be affected.

3) REINSTALL APP: Download and re-install the Vaultek app.

Generally, this resolves most connectivity issues. If you have you are having issues please contact and provide your phone model.

Privacy Notice (Android GPS)

Vaultek does not in any way access your personal data (including photos, locations, contacts, etc). The app requires permissions to store certain preferences such as safe settings and fingerprint ID names in the memory of your phone. It also uses the Bluetooth function of your phone for wireless communication with your safe.