Vaultek takes security further

Preparing for the future of the Smart Safe.

Vaultek has utilized tech company Two Six Labs research to take security to a new level on their Vaultek VT series line of safes.

” We understand the value and seriousness of security in our safes, and have constantly pushed security to the forefront of all product development. It was only natural that we would trust a company like Two Six Labs to dig into our Wireless access protocols to make them safer than ever. “

On October 6th, Vaultek reviewed an open case study with Two Six Labs ( the company has worked with DARPA, ARL, and the Department of Homeland security ) to help promote a safer future for their VT line of safes.

Through the team at Two Six Labs, we discovered several ways to protect our safes from future hacks, and promote a healthier future for all upcoming Vaultek Wireless access products.

As a company dedicated to creating smart safe products, we want it to be known we work alongside leading companies in the smart tech world to stay on top of any and all possible attacks, hacks, or threats.

At Vaultek we will keep pushing the envelope, and promise to always make our products the safe choice.
You can view a portion of the research on our Wireless access securities over at

Our hope with all of our products, is to always keep learning and growing. We know that in this new smart tech world, there will always be the possibilities of vulnerabilities in any smart device.  So we make it our mission to partner and grow with those who are the best in their field or area.

As a collective we can do anything. When our customers purchase a Vaultek safe, they expect us to follow through with any and all problems that might arise with this ever growing industry. So That’s what we’ve set out to do. Our safes will always be moving towards a better, and safer tomorrow.

We hope you will join with us on this mission, and be apart of the Vaultek family.

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