7 Years of Innovation and Excellence: Celebrating Vaultek’s Journey

Celebrating Vaultek’s Journey

Greetings, Vaultek enthusiasts and security seekers! For the last seven years we have set out to innovate and push the boundaries of the safe industry. It has been an extraordinary experience, and we are excited to share some of the highlights that shaped Vaultek into the formidable brand it is today.

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The 20 Series: Where It All Began

It feels like yesterday when we unveiled our very first product lineup, 20 Series, back in 2016. The 20 Series set the stage for our enduring commitment to crafting cutting-edge safes and storage solutions. We introduced a new era of gun safes that combined advanced technology, quick access options, rugged durability, and sleek design, which quickly gained the trust of the firearm community. 

20 Series is constructed using our signature progressive formed metal construction which is durable with anti-pry design making it a rugged protective housing. That is what really broke the mold. 20 Series has a biometric scanner, auto open lid, rapid backlit numeric keypad, led light interior, and bluetooth connectivity. Allowing you to manage your safe. The power feature set was groundbreaking. 

Since the inception of 20 series Vaultek has lead the way in quick access smart safes.

Groundbreaking Features

From day one, we pledged to redefine security, and our dedication to innovation has remained unyielding. Our commitment to combining powerful features with sleek design has yield an extraordinary array of safes. Biometric scanners, backlit keypad, and Bluetooth connectivity are just a few of the technologies we integrated to ensure ease of access and peace of mind.

The Expanded Lineup

As our loyal customer base grew, so did our ambitions to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. From biometric fingerprint safes and traditional key-lock options to large capacity vaults and portable security solutions, Vaultek offers a wide range of products tailored to your specific requirements. No matter what you hold dear, we have a safe to protect it.

Conquer the World with LifePod

In 2019, we introduced LifePod, a product that took the world by storm. LifePod is a revolutionary safe designed to safeguard your valuables from the elements and prying eyes. Since than LifePod, has evolved into an impressive array of models, each one a testament to Vaultek’s commitment to redefining security. This line of safes combines rugged durability using Vaultek’s T3™ Polymer, a built-in lock system, unique capacitive Smart Sense™ Keypad, water resistant protection, and impact protection. As the world’s first DOJ approved polymer gun safe, LifePod has set a new standard in secure storage, empowering gun owners and outdoor enthusiasts as well as everyday users alike to protect their belongings on the go.

Strong Dealer Network: Empowering Communities

Building a robust network of trusted dealers has been instrumental in spreading our commitment to security and innovation worldwide. We’re grateful to our esteemed dealers who share our passion and work tirelessly to offer Vaultek’s best-in-class products to customers in their community. Together, we forge bonds with communities, empowering individuals and business alike to protect what matters most.

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We are not done yet.

As we celebrate seven years of progress, we want to assure you that our journey is far from over. At Vaultek, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology, always striving to enhance the safety and security of our customers’ lives. Our vision continues to evolve, and we eagerly look forward to sharing future breakthroughs with you.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your support fuels our drive to explore new frontiers of protection. The road ahead is illuminated with exciting possibilities, and we are thrilled to share the journey ahead with you. Together, let’s usher in a safer and more secure world!

Here’s to seven years of innovation, excellence, and safeguarding your world.

Safeguarding your future,

Team Vaultek