Vaultek Refurbished

Certified Vaultek Refurbs

You’re getting a pre-owned Vaultek product backed by our certified guarantee.

1- Year Warranty Included in all Refurbished Units. Tested + Certified.

30-Day Return Policy + 5 Star Vaultek Support on any purchase.

All purchases include original accessories that came with the unit.

Vaultek Refurb

Our metal safe line.

Available in 6 Options

RS Series

MX Series

Slider Series

Smart Station

VT Series

20 Series

10 Series

LifePod Refurb

Our hard case line.

Available in 4 Options

XT Series

LifePod 2.0 Series

LifePod Series

LifePod Humidor Series

X Series

XR Series

Barikade Refurb

Our entry level line.

Available in 2 Options

Series 2

Series 1

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