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Introducing the Vaultek LifePod XR

Lightweight, Lockable, Modular, All Weather Ready.

Introducing the Vaultek LifePod XR

On October 16, 2023


The latest addition to the Vaultek family has arrived: the LifePod XR. This groundbreaking product takes rugged lockbox technology to new heights, offering a unique blend of security and durability in a new compact size. Join us as we explore the exceptional features that make the LifePod XR truly innovative in the world of personal security.

Ultimate Personal Security Solution

Built-in Lock System

A Revolution in Security


Imagine a lockbox that’s not just secure, but engineered to maximize your peace of mind. At the core of the LifePod XR lies its built-in lock system—a marvel of precision and design. It seamlessly integrates Vaultek’s renowned safe technology, featuring a dual anti-impact latch mechanism. This system is not just robust; it sets an entirely new standard for secure storage. Whether you’re safeguarding firearms, jewelry, or photography equipment, the LifePod XR’s built-in lock ensures your valuables remain locked and secure.

Unique built-in lock system. Simply press and hold the lock pad to engage the built-in lock system.

Designed to Perform

Rugged, Lightweight, and Compact


Security is only as strong as the materials that uphold it. That’s why the LifePod XR is constructed using Vaultek’s proprietary T3 polymer. This advanced non-metal polymer is a marvel of engineering, delivering exceptional strength while remaining astonishingly lightweight. What’s more, it has been rigorously drop- tested to endure the most challenging conditions, ensuring that the LifePod XR is your unwavering guardian, come rain or shine, and it will even float when loaded with up to 27 pounds.

A Compact Powerhouse


Size matters when it comes to portability and convenience. The LifePod XR shines in this regard, boasting a 20% reduction in size compared to its predecessor, the LifePod XT. This downsizing enhances the lockbox’s portability and ease of use without compromising its performance. With the LifePod XR, you can have all the security you need in a more compact package.

LifePod XR and LifePod XT side by side.

Dual Compression Latches and Interior Seal = Superior Protection


Security, for us, is not just a feature—it’ a commitment. The LifePod XR’s dual compression latch system seals off the interior, leaving no room for compromise. Paired with an interior rubber gasket seal, it creates an airtight seal against water and dust. Your valuables stay pristine, no matter what the world throws at them.

Weather Resistant, Drop Tested, Dust-Proof, Airtight, and Floats.

Water Resistant Biometric Scanner

Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Security


Security isn’t merely about codes and keys; it’s about the unique identifiers that make you, you. That’s why the LifePod XR features a water-resistant biometric scanner, capable of storing up to 20 fingerprints. Your biometric data ensures that only authorized users can access your lockbox. Whether it’s family members, trusted friends, or business associates, the LifePod XR recognizes them and grants access accordingly.

Water resistant scanner capable of storing 20 unique users.

Smart Sense™ Keypad

Secure and Intuitive Access


Unlocking your LifePod XR is a breeze, thanks to the backlit, touch-activated Smart Sense™ keypad. This intuitive interface allows you to enter the master code swiftly and securely, providing instant access to your treasured possessions. The LifePod XR doesn’;t just keep your valuables safe; it grants you quick, hassle-free access when you need it most.

Responsive backlit numeric keypad.

Control Panel Status LEDs

Stay Informed


In a world where information is power, the LifePod XR empowers you. Its control panel features status LEDs that provide information at a glance. These LEDs are more than mere indicators; they’re your eyes and ears when you’re not around. They’ll inform you of any tampering attempts and indicate when it’s time to replace the battery. With the LifePod XR, you’re always in the know.

Status LEDs indicated tampering and when the battery is low.

Backup Power Port

Uninterrupted Access


Dead batteries can lead to locked-out frustrations. But with the LifePod XR, you’re never left in the lurch. Its innovative design incorporates a rubber cover that conceals a Micro-USB port. In the event of a dead battery, simply connect a power source via the port, and you’re back in business—no more anxiety about being locked out. Moreover, the rubber cover also conceals the backup keyway, providing an alternative means of access for those who prefer traditional methods.

Powered by a 9V alkaline battery that lasts for 1 year under normal use.

Steel Security Cable

On-the-Go Protection


For those who are always on the move, the LifePod XR offers an added layer of security—a high-strength steel security cable. It’s included in the package and is a convenient way to tether your lockbox in place, ensuring it stays where you want it to be. Whether you’re traveling, commuting, or simply need to keep your valuables secure while on the move, the security cable provides peace of mind.

Easily secure LifePod with the included HD Steel Security Cable.

Built-in Lid Organizer and Model Variations

Tailored to Your Needs



The LifePod XR isn’t just a secure lockbox; it’ also a versatile storage solution. Its built-in lid organizer features multiple zip mesh pockets for organized storage of your essentials. But the customization options don’t stop there. The LifePod XR is available in various models, each tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Lid organizer with zip mesh pockets.

Same Features as LifePod XT in a New Size

A True Master of It’s Domain


  • Built-in lock system with Dual Anti-Impact Latches.


  • Modular Interior with a Quick Snap System.


  • Water Resistant Biometric Scanner capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints.


  • Responsive backlit numeric keypad with LED status indicators for low battery and tampering.


  • Easily portable using the integrated ergonomic fold away carry handle.


  • Backup manual keys included.


  • Constructed out of Vaultek’s lightweight and rugged T3™ Polymer.


  • Three available configurations to suite your portable storage needs.


  • TSA compliant for traveling with a firearm.

Which models is right for you?

Model Variations to Suit Your Lifestyle


The LifePod XR isn’t just a secure lockbox; it’s a versatile storage solution. Its built-in lid organizer features multiple zip mesh pockets for organized storage of your essentials. But the customization options don’t stop there. The LifePod XR is available in various models, each tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Standard XR

Range XR

Special XR

Closing Thoughts


The Vaultek LifePod XR represents the pinnacle of personal security, combining advanced technology, rugged durability, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re a firearm owner, a traveler, or simply someone who values safeguarding their valuables, the LifePod XR is the ultimate choice. Experience a new era in secure storage. Your peace of mind has a new name: LifePod XR.