Colion Noir Edition

Signature black camo + Colion Noir Branding

Vaultek® and Colion Noir have teamed up to redefine the perception of responsible gun ownership. Colion is a true American gun rights activist and enthusiast, and believes our freedom is a source of protection for ourselves, our families, and the people we love. This is the Colion Noir Limited Edition LifePod XT. Welcome to the #ThePewPewLife.

Signature Colion Noir Style

Exclusive printed camo pattern and matching zip case.

Expanded Configuration

Equipped with a removable water repellent zip case, reinforced lid organizer, multi-purpose EDC tray, (3) pistol rack modules, and (1) pistol magazine module.

Removable water repellent zip case.

The hard shell zip case features a dual layer design with built-in lid organizer, removable interior tray, and lower storage compartment with repositionable dividers.

Reinforced lid organizer.

Reinforced Interior Lid Organizer with Zip Mesh Pockets.

Take on the elements.

High Impact T3™ Polymer. Triple enhanced + High Impact proprietary formula. A radical, weather proof, rugged, do it all case.

Water Resistant

Dust Proof


Secured entry points.

Authorized personnel only.

A Modular Masterpiece.

Make it your own with multiple available modules to customize the interior.

Lid Accessories

Molle Board Panel

Rigid Aluminum Molle Board Panel for LifePod® XT™

Molle Board Panel

Lid Organizer for LifePod® XT™

Lid Crate Foam

Protective Crate Foam Lid Panel for LifePod® XT™

Modular Accessories

Pistol Rack

Modular Pistol Rack for LifePod® XT™

Mag Rack

Modular Magazine Rack for LifePod® XT™

Tray w/Pluck Foam

Removable EDC Tray with Pluck Foam Insert for LifePod® XT™

Pluck Foam

Full Width Interior Base Pluck Foam for LifePod® XT™

Padded Divider System

Padded Divider System for LifePod® XT™


Specification Information
Exterior Dimensions 16.6″ x 14″ x 7.5″
Interior Dimensions 14.5″ x 10.6″ x 6.5″
Weight 11.3 lbs.
Built-in Lock Dual Anti-Impact Latch System
Secure Access Points Biometric Scanner, Smart Sense Digital Keypad, 2 Manual Keys
Battery Type 9V Alkaline (Not Included)
Battery Life Up to 1 Year ( with normal use)
Environmental Protection Water Resistant, Airtight, Dust Proof, Floats ( up to 33lb. load)