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LifePod Series

Seasoning LifePod Humidor

Three Step Process

Your LifePod Humidor uses Spanish cedar wood for the interior tray. Seasoning the cedar wood is a simple process and helps the wood establish an optimum moisture content. This ensures a consistent humidity level inside the humidor over time, and allows installed humidity control packs to last longer.

Step 1

Remove the cedar tray from your LifePod.

Step 2

Place the cedar tray in an airtight container or zip-lock bag along with an 84% seasoning pack for 14 days.

Boveda makes 60 gram seasoning packs that can be found here:

Step 3

Return the battery to the Bluetooth module. Then install the cedar tray back inside your LifePod and place a humidity control pack with your preferred %RH inside the control pack pocket on the lid.


We recommend reseasoning your Humidor once a year.

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