Vaultek Bags+

Zip Case

Splash proof everyday storage + organization.

Compliment your VaultekĀ® safe: Fits LifePodĀ® XT, MX Series, and RS Series safes.

Outer Shell

Constructed using molded EVA foam for a protective hard outer shell with a water repellent nylon exterior.

Water Resistant Zipper

Water resistant zipper construction is splash proof for enhanced protection.

Detachable carabiner

Detachable Carabiner (included) can be used to store the case or attach to other travel bags.

Optimized Organization

Built-in lid organizer features (2) small mesh zip pockets and (1) large mesh pocket for organization.

Water Repellent Fabric

Splash proof coating protects interior.

Versatile. Portable. Capable.

Available in 2 Sizes

Dual Layer Optional

Zip Case 20 allows for dual layer storage. Built-in lid organizer + a removable tray w/repositionable interior dividers underneath. It’s the go-to travel case and a must have for everyday storage and organization.

Storage to the Max

Zip Case 10/20 models are both designed to take full advantage of every inch inside the case. Zip Case 20 is capable of storing a small drone.

Easy to Secure + Tether

The Detachable carabiner (included with Zip Case 10/20) can be used to secure the case or attach to other travel bags.

Fits Multiple Vaultek Models

Zip case is designed to be used universally, or stored inside your Vaultek ( Select Models ).

Store a multitude of items.

Watch Zip Cases in action.

Zip Case Size Guide

Our user friendly size guide to determine what fits.

Zip Case 20

Zip Case 10

Available in 2 Sizes

Zip Case 20

Dual Layer Storage

Zip Case 10

Single Layer Storage