Perfect bedside firearm storage option

I purchased the DS2i-TG Smart Station for a bedside option to store either my Glock 19 or 43x. The safe was delivered relatively quickly (I believe about 2 weeks) and the ordering process was easy. Setup was easy either via videos they link or the manual. I like that for a night stand option this model is a little less conspicuous and offers the clock functionality (I also like how the clock and display has a dimmer option). I use a charging pad for my phone so that was a plus for me as well. The app works well and is fairly straightforward (it was cool that the time syncs from the app on your phone). The only criticism or possibly improvement for a future update would be better alerting via the app if the safe is accessed. The only other potential negative with this safe is the price as it’s not cheap. Hopefully the quality/ durability lives up to the cost as that was my intent in buying a high quality storage option to balance accessibility and safety that would last for a long time. So far I’m a satisfied customer.