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LifePod XR vs LifePod XT

The expansion of Vaultek’s LifePod line ushered in a new era of travel storage solutions, marked by the introduction of the LifePod XR and XT models. These larger variants cater to the growing demand for weatherproof, lockable cases that prioritize durability and functionality. In this article, we will closely examine the features of the LifePod XR and XT, highlighting their differences to assist you in selecting the ideal companion for your lifestyle.

At a Glance


To begin, let’s delve into the distinguishing features of the LifePod XR and LifePod XT. While both models boast precision-crafted T3™ polymer cases renowned for their impact resistance, weatherproofing, and airtight properties, they differ primarily in size. The LifePod XT reigns as the largest in the series, followed closely by the LifePod XR. Notably, both variants feature Smart Sense™ Keypads with biometric scanners capable of storing up to 20 unique fingerprints, ensuring secure access. Moreover, they share a host of common features, including internal LED lighting, extended battery life from a single 9-volt battery, and the inclusion of a steel security cable for tethering.

Size Difference

Vaultek LifePod XR and XT

Interior Layouts and Modularity


The most significant disparity between the LifePod XR and XT lies in their interior configurations. Each model is purpose-built with unique interior layouts tailored to specific needs. However, there is overlap in functionality; both the XR and XT incorporate a snap-in system at the base, allowing for interchangeable pistol and magazine modules. This modularity empowers users to customize their setup according to individual preferences and requirements, offering unparalleled versatility.

Interior Layout

Vaultek LifePod XR



Vaultek’s commitment to modularity is exemplified by the LifePod XT, which boasts a distinct mounting plate accessory not available for the LifePod XR. This accessory enables convenient wall mounting or attachment to a luggage rack on an ATV, catering to overlanders, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking secure storage solutions in diverse environments.

Mounting Plate

Vaultek LifePod XT

Size Matters


The primary distinguishing factor between the LifePod XR and XT is their size. Detailed dimensions are provided on the product pages, facilitating informed decisions regarding storage capacity. The LifePod XT accommodates full-size or duty-size handguns effortlessly, making it suitable for a wide range of firearms. In contrast, the LifePod XR can also house full-size handguns with careful packing of the lid organizer. However, competition-grade pistols with extended features may necessitate alternative storage configurations within the XR.

Range Edition

Vaultek LifePod XR

Range Edition

Vaultek LifePod XT

Versatile Storage Solutions


Beyond firearm storage, both the LifePod XR and XT excel in safeguarding valuables such as jewelry and tech equipment. This versatility positions LifePods as invaluable investments capable of preserving a wide array of belongings securely and from the elements.

Standard Edition

Vaultek LifePod XR

Who Should Consider the XR or XT?


Enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals alike will find the LifePod XR and XT indispensable. Photographers benefit from weatherproof gear storage, while firearm instructors and competition shooters appreciate the capacity and modularity offered by these models. Whether seeking enhanced security, durability, or increased storage capacity, the XR or XT delivers a tailored solution.

Easily Portable

Vaultek LifePod XR



In conclusion, selecting between the LifePod XR and XT hinges on individual requirements and preferences. Detailed specifications are available on the product pages for further clarity, supplemented by Vaultek’s responsive customer support team. For those seeking compact alternatives, Vaultek offers a range of LifePods designed to meet diverse needs without compromising security or functionality. Choose the LifePod that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and embark on your adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

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