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June 25th, 2024

Getting Outdoors with LifePod

The LifePod lineup from Vaultek Safe offers weatherproof, lockable storage that is lightweight and versatile, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping, range days, and water sports. With rugged, floating bodies, LifePods protect belongings from harsh conditions, ensuring security and adaptability for any adventure.


For nearly all, getting out and camping means having several sharp tools, such as knives, hatchets, or saws. Your camping trip might also include you bringing a sidearm for personal protection from dangerous wild game or other potential threats. Because LifePod is portable, lightweight, and lockable storage, you can use it to keep sharp and harmful objects under lock and key to protect other campers and children. Or use them to house precious survival gear or a trauma kit. If you are concerned about theft, all LifePods can be tethered to a fixed point using the included steel security cable.

Camping Ready

Vaultek LifePod Models

Range Day

The following outdoor endeavor that LifePod is perfect for is a clear choice: a day at the range. Whether you are running to the range for a simple recheck or your red dots zero or a serious day of training, LifePod has you covered.

In particular, LifePod XT can hold everything you need for a range day. It can store your eye and ear protection, a stapler for targets, tools, and much more. Using the purpose-built modules, you can efficiently store handguns and magazines as well. This way, upon arriving at the range, you are ready to start your training, and it’s all tucked away in LifePod’s impact-resistant, weatherproof housing.

Range Ready

Vaultek LifePod XT

Water Sports and Beach

In the warmest times of the year, our outdoor adventures often lead us to water, and in that event, LifePod’s airtight, weatherproof housing that floats when loaded with supplies comes in handy. Getting out by the water could look different for all of us, depending on our geographical location. It may mean relaxing at the beach, a family vacation to a resort, a cruise, or hitting the lake in your bass boat for a day of fishing. At the beach, LifePod’s dustproof seal is fantastic for keeping the sand out and securing valuables. If LifePod were to be carried out by the tide or fall off the boat, no worries; it can be easily retrieved because it floats. These features make LifePod an essential item for those hot days by the water, and when you need that extra peace of mind security.

Water Ready

Vaultek LifePod


Hopefully, this has ignited your imagination about just how versatile LifePod is and how it can fit into your everyday life as well as your escapades in the great outdoors. These cases are unique investments that can adapt to be helpful in any scenario. Just empty their contents and rearrange LifePod to fit the mission at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LifePod float?

Yes, LifePod can float. It is designed to be water resistant and buoyant, allowing it to float on water. This feature makes it suitable for various outdoor activities where there is a risk of exposure to water, such as boating or fishing. The LifePod’s construction ensures that it can protect its contents from water damage even if it ends up in the water.

How to secure LifePod?

Using the built-in lock system. You can also tether LifePod to a fixed point using the included steel security cable.

Can you fly with LifePod?

Yes, LifePod TSA compliant.

TSA’s full disclosure can be read below and book marked for future reference:

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Vaultek Safe | Getting Outdoors with LifePod


Vaultek Safe | Getting Outdoors with LifePod

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Vaultek Safe | Getting Outdoors with LifePod

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Vaultek Safe | Getting Outdoors with LifePod

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Vaultek Safe | Getting Outdoors with LifePod

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