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LifePod vs LifePod 2.0

The LifePod made waves as the pioneer of polymer cases featuring an internal lock, transforming the landscape of travel storage. In the wake of its success, the LifePod line expanded with the introduction of the LifePod 2.0. Since its launch, one of the most discussed topics has been the size distinction between the original LifePod and its successor, the LifePod 2.0. This article will delve into the specifics of these size differences and shed light on other lesser-known distinctions between the two cases.

What’s the same?


To begin, let’s closely examine and compare the features of these two LifePods. Both are crafted from top-notch T3 polymer, ensuring quality, impact resistance, weatherproofing, and airtight security. Both boast Smart Sense Keypads, a year of battery life from a single 9-volt battery, and secure tethering with the included tether cable. They are available in Standard Edition, Special Edition, and Colion Noir Edition; both LifePods can be purchased with a corresponding-sized LifePod SlingBag.

Built-in Lock System

Vaultek LifePod 2.0

What’s the difference?


While these cases share a common foundation, LifePod 2.0 introduces a few exclusive features. Notably, it comes with internal LED lighting and ships with a removable (EDC) tray, providing an option for dual-layer storage—features absent from LifePod. The LifePod 2.0 also boasts unique accessories like the attachable carry handle. There are additional differences, though minute, that vary based on the specific edition of LifePod or LifePod 2.0 being compared. For a detailed breakdown of included accessories for each edition, refer to the product pages for each model.


Vaultek LifePod 2.0

What’s the size difference?


Now, let’s address the most frequently discussed topic—size differences between the LifePod and LifePod 2.0. Specific dimensions for the interior length, width, and height are detailed on the product pages, offering a clear understanding of the sizing variations.

For practical insight, the LifePod is designed to accommodate compact-size handguns, which means sub-compact and micro-compact models fit with extra room. On the other hand, the LifePod 2.0 is tailored for full-size handguns, providing ample space and versatility. The LifePod 2.0 goes further, accommodating more than one handgun if size permits. Owners of smaller single-stack pistols can store them at the bottom of the LifePod 2.0, removing some foam to take advantage of dual-layer storage, contingent on the width of the gun. To be sure that what you intend to store fits, you can visit our fitment guide page and download a printable template. These guides are provided so you can be sure that what you plan to store will fit in the LifePod of your choosing.

Beyond firearm storage, both LifePods serve as secure travel companions, ideal for safeguarding valuables like money, jewelry, and identification. This positions the LifePod not merely as a firearm storage solution but as a versatile investment for repeated use in ensuring the safety, security, and dryness of belongings during travel.

Pistol and Spare Magazine

Vaultek LifePod

Pistol and Spare Magazines

Vaultek LifePod 2.0

So which one is best?


In conclusion, this comparison should clarify which LifePod aligns better with your needs. If you seek a compact solution for compact-size handguns, the LifePod might be the perfect choice. Alternatively, if you desire additional features, versatility, and the ability to store larger firearms, the LifePod 2.0 emerges as the superior option.

For more specific information about the interior size of LifePod  or LifePod 2.0, consult the specifications section on the product pages. We appreciate your time and hope this article has been informative.

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