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December 28, 2023

Vaultek 2023 Highlights

As we reflect on the year gone by, Vaultek’s 2023 was a testament to innovation and security, with a lineup of groundbreaking releases tailored to redefine protection and accessibility.

Water Resistant Biometric Scanner now Available for LifePod

Commencing the year, Vaultek unveiled the LifePod Biometric – a fusion of cutting-edge technology and rugged design. This release set the tone, offering unparalleled security through biometric access in a compact, tough-as-nails package.

New from LifePod

Now Available in Biometric

Full Lineup of Gunmetal LifePods

Elevating aesthetics without compromising on security, Vaultek introduced the Gunmetal LifePods. These sleek additions showcased a bold, striking look, proving that style and robust protection can harmoniously coexist. Available in LifePod X, LifePod, LifePod 2.0, LifePod XR, and LifePod XT.

LifePod Lineup

Now Available in Gunmetal

Slider Series now Optics Ready

A paradigm shift in customization arrived with Vaultek’s enhancement of the Slider Series to become Optics Ready. Precision met adaptability, empowering users to tailor their Vaultek products to fit a variety of setups.

Slider Series

Now Optics Ready

SIG Sauer Rose Edition LifePod

A collaboration crafted exclusively for Lena Miculek and the Sig Sauer Rose Program. For those who appreciate elegance in every detail, the LifePod SIG Rose is the epitome of sophistication. Blending beauty with security, this rose-hued gem adds a touch of luxury to your protection game.

SIG Rose LifePod

New Collaboration with SIG Sauer and Lena Miculek

The Power of LifePod in a Micro Size. LifePod X

Catering to the adventurous spirits, Vaultek introduced the LifePod X – a rugged, resilient companion designed for extreme escapades. Its durability ensured protection even in the most challenging environments.

LifePod X

New LifePod Line of Safes

More Compact and Portable. LifePod XR

Redefining versatility, the LifePod XR brought adaptability to the forefront. With adjustable interiors and enhanced organization, this release ensured reliability while accommodating diverse security needs.

LifePod XR

New LifePod Line of Safes

SIG Sauer Edition LifePod

Culminating the year, Vaultek’s collaboration with Sig Sauer culminated in the pinnacle of security solutions. Precision engineering met expertise, creating an edition that exuded strength and sophistication in protection.

SIG Sauer LifePod

New Collaboration with SIG Sauer

Vaultek’s 2023 releases epitomized the brand’s dedication to innovation, style, and above all, safeguarding what matters most. Each launch represented a unique fusion of technology and design, showcasing a commitment to redefining security in ways that resonate with our lifestyle.

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