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Lockable Weatherproof Storage

What is a LifePod

What is a LifePod

Lockable Weatherproof Storage


In the realm of home security and personal protection, Vaultek stands out as a leader with its innovative product lines, including Quick-access intelligent metal safes engineered for home use and the renowned LifePods. LifePods have gained widespread trust and popularity among consumers, but what exactly makes a LifePod unique? Let’s delve into the intricacies of this cutting-edge product, exploring its features and the groundbreaking innovations that have secured LifePod’s position within the industry.

LifePods are available in various sizes, catering to diverse needs and lifestyles. Despite their range in size, all LifePods share a common core DNA encapsulated in three fundamental words: Lockable, Weatherproof, Storage. These attributes form the foundation of LifePod’s exceptional design and functionality.

#1: Lockable

An Industry First


What sets LifePod apart in the industry is its distinction as the first and only internal locking polymer case. Prior to LifePod’s emergence, polymer travel cases necessitated external padlocks or multiple latches. In contrast, LifePod integrates Vaultek’s internal locking system. Activating the lock is as simple as pressing and holding the lock button on the Smart Sense keypad until the lock engages. Unlocking can be achieved by entering a personalized 4-8 digit master code, utilizing the biometric scanner, if equipped, which recognizes programmed fingerprints, or the included backup manual keys. Both the Smart Sense Keypad and Biometric scanner are weatherproof, ensuring functionality in various environmental conditions.

Capacitive Keypad

Vaultek LifePod

#2: Weatherproof

Trusted and Reliable


LifePod’s durability extends beyond weatherproofing to include airtight, dustproof, and water-resistant qualities, with the added benefit of flotation. This resilience is made possible by compression latches and a rubber seal that safeguards contents from the elements. Moreover, the lightweight polymer construction allows LifePod to remain buoyant even under moderate weight. The proprietary T3 polymer, developed exclusively by Vaultek’s in-house engineers, provides lightweight and high-impact resistance, enabling LifePod to endure harsh conditions including drops, vehicular accidents, and heavy impacts without compromising its functionality and portability.

Water Resistant

Vaultek LifePod XT

#3: Storage

Secure Your Valuables


Beyond its protective features, LifePod offers secure storage ideal for travel. Whether traversing by air or foot, travelers often carry valuables that warrant additional security. LifePod eliminates reliance on hotel safes, providing personalized storage accessible only via authorized codes or fingerprints. To enhance security further, each LifePod includes a steel security cable for tethering to fixed objects, ensuring it remains securely anchored wherever you travel.

Lockable Storage

Vaultek LifePod

The Purpose of LifePods

On-the-Go Lockable Storage


LifePods are purpose-built to accompany individuals wherever they go, safeguarding valuables from theft and the elements. They seamlessly integrate into everyday carry, keeping handguns, magazines, and safety equipment secure—certified by the California Department of Justice and compliant with TSA firearm safety regulations for flying with a firearm. For international travelers, LifePod safeguards passports, currency, and important documents. Cigar aficionados can rest assured knowing their cigars remain uncrushed and fresh within a LifePod.

Lockable Storage

Vaultek LifePod


Your Choice for Personal Security and Storage


In summary, Vaultek’s LifePods represent a pinnacle of innovation in personal security and storage solutions. Whether embarking on an adventure or navigating daily life, LifePods provide unmatched protection and convenience. With a range of sizes to accommodate diverse needs, there’s a LifePod suited for every individual, regardless of the adventure’s scale or environmental conditions.

Discover the peace of mind and reliability offered by Vaultek’s LifePods—a testament to cutting-edge design and uncompromising quality in personal security. There are many great options to choose from and a full suite of accessories available.

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