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When it comes to traveling with firearms or valuable personal items, leaving them behind in your vehicle can be nerve-wracking. But fear not, as Vaultek offers a selection of reliable options designed to keep your belongings safe and secure.

#1: LifePod

Ultimate Travel Companion


First up, let’s talk about LifePods. These polymer internal locking cases are not only secure but also weatherproof and airtight, ensuring the protection of your valuables in any condition. The beauty of LifePods lies in their versatility; whether you need to secure a single handgun or multiple firearms, or even valuable equipment like photography gear, these cases have you covered.

To ensure maximum security, Vaultek recommends tethering the LifePod to a fixed point within your vehicle using the included steel security cable. By keeping it out of sight, you not only deter potential thieves but also provide an extra layer of protection for your belongings. Plus, LifePods are built tough, capable of withstanding bumps and impacts. Moreover, it’s noteworthy that LifePod, LifePod XR, and LifePod XT have been approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in California, ensuring their compliance with firearm safety standards set forth by the state.

Vaultek Safe | Car Safe Solutions

LifePod XT

Vaultek Safe | Car Safe Solutions

LifePod XR

Vaultek Safe | Car Safe Solutions

LifePod 2.0

Vaultek Safe | Car Safe Solutions


Vaultek Safe | Car Safe Solutions

LifePod X

Secured to Seat

Vaultek LifePod

#2: 10 & 20 Series

Trusted and Reliable


If you prefer a more traditional approach with metal safes, Vaultek offers the 10 Series and 20 Series. These flagship models are not only ideal for home storage but also perfectly suited for vehicle use due to their compact form factor and low weight. Equipped with steel security tether cables and pre-drilled holes for hard mounting, these safes offer both flexibility and security.

The 10 Series is tailored for compact pistols, while the 20 Series accommodates full-size handguns, with room for extra magazines. Whether you’re storing firearms or other valuable items, these safes provide peace of mind wherever you go. Additionally, Vaultek provides a comprehensive What Fits guide to help you determine which safe best fits your valuables, including printable templates for test fitting, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

Secured to Seat

Vaultek 20 Series

#3: Slider Series

Quick Access On-the-Go


For those in need of dedicated pistol storage with rapid access, the Slider Series is the answer. This vertical mountable safe is specifically designed for handguns and can be easily installed in your vehicle using Vaultek’s universal mounting option. With the ability to tether the mounting plate to the seat frame for added security, the Slider Series ensures quick and convenient access to your defensive firearm when you need it most.

Vertical Safe Mounting

Vaultek Slider Series

#4: Slider Series with Nano Key

The Fastest Gets Faster


By incorporating Nano Key technology, access to the Slider Series is made even faster and more convenient. With Bluetooth-enabled remote keys, you can unlock the safe with a simple touch, allowing for seamless access in critical situations. However, it’s essential to recognize the inherent risks associated with Nano Key technology and exercise caution accordingly.

Nano Key Technology

Vaultek Nano Key 2.0 Biometric


Your Choice for Secure Vehicle Storage


In conclusion, Vaultek offers a range of secure storage solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you opt for the travel-ready convenience of LifePods, the trusted reliability of the 10 Series and 20 Series safes, or the rapid access provided by the Slider Series, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.

We hope you found our selection of secure vehicle storage options for Vaultek helpful. There are many great options to choose from out of the Vaultek product line.

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