Wi-Fi Enabled | Instant Alerts | Biometric | Modular Interior

Only $1,199.99

Exterior: 50″ X 14″ X 7.5″ Interior: 48″ X 13.75″ X 5.125″


Wi-Fi Enabled + Live Alerts.


(2) AR Style Rifles + Pistol Combinations.

Fit Guide

Streamlined + Focused Capacity.

Targeted to store (2) AR style rifles plus multiple handguns. Load, unload, and build the complete defense package.

Premium Entry Methods

Premium Entry Methods: Biometric Scanner, Numeric Keypad, Backup Keys, + our signature Vaultek Nano Key.

Customizable Interior

Custom build with total freedom.
Make it yours with RS accessories designed specifically for your RS200i.

Advanced Control Panel

Central control panel houses an LCD screen relaying critical safe information, biometric scanner, and LED numeric keypad.

Space Saving Design

The RS200i has an optimized footprint to make apartment and bedroom access easily in reach.

Adjustable Base Plate

Place your safe on multiple surfaces and keep a perfect balance with the adjustable feet.

Clearance for Sights + Optics

Barrel Mount Extensions allow for storing rifles with sights or optics, just stack together to create clearance as needed.

Auto Open Door

When access is granted the tuned spring door automatically opens.

Rugged Steel Construction

Formed steel body uses Vaultek’s signature metal forming techniques with anti-pry design features.

Smart App

Receive Instant Alerts for Safe Activity, Tamper Detection, Humidity Detection, Power Levels, + More.

Online Dashboard

The online web dashboard provides a second vantage point to manage your safe and monitor live safe data.

Which safe is right for you?

Available in 2 options.


Starting at $1,199.99

Access Points

Backup Keys
Numeric Keypad
Biometric Scanner
Nano Key


WiFi connected safes can send live alerts from anywhere. Be notified if the safe is tampered, opened, and more.

Included Accessories

Backup Keys
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Charging Kit
Mounting Hardware
Front Door Mount
2/3 Width Shelf
(4) Barrel Mounts + Adapters
Single Pistol / AR Mag Holder
(1) Velcro Barrel Mount + Adapter
Twin Pistol Rack
Nano Key


Starting at $1,459.99

Access Points

Backup Keys
Numeric Keypad
Biometric Scanner
Nano Key


WiFi connected safes can send live alerts from anywhere. Be notified if the safe is tampered, opened, and more.

Included Accessories

*All the standard included accessories PLUS:
Pre-installed front door pegboard
4-Slot AR mag rack
Spring loaded AR mount
Extra barrel mount
Extra barrel mount adapter
Single pistol/AR mag holster
2-Slot pistol mag holster
EDC shelf

Optimized Footprint.

The weight (45lbs) and size of your RS200i is expertly designed to achieve minimal space impact + provide fast access to your essentials.




Store on any Surface

The included Base Plate allows you to place your RS200i on any surface and still maintain perfect balance. The matching Titanium Gray base plate works on hardwoods, carpet, rugs, and more.

Adaptable for you.

RS200i allows for back peg board storage + front door peg board storage.

Our ever growing list of premium accessory modules mean you’ll always be able to make it yours.

Nano Key

Included with purchase.

Allows for immediate access with the press of a button.
Carry it discreetly, or hide as a panic button.


Purpose Built Modules

A full range of additional modules sold separately.

A wide variety of modular options allows advanced customization of your interior.

LED Light

Pistol / AR Magazine Rack A

Pistol / AR Magazine Rack B (Front Door Mount)

Single Pistol Rack

Three Pistol/AR Magazine Rack

Twin Magazine Rack

Handgun Magazine Rack

Rifle Magazine Storage

Barrel Mount

Barrel Mount with Velcro Strap

Barrel Mount Extension

Barrel Mount Extension (Pegged)

Spring Loaded AR Mount


Front Door Accessory Mount

Front Door Peg Board allows for even more module placements.

Model Support

Available Manuals

The following digital product manuals are available for use.
RS200i >


Vaultek satisfaction guarantee.
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Register Safe

Improved Support, Product Updates, Replacement Parts.
Register your safe >

Monitor. Protect.


Recieve Live Alerts + Manage your safe from App or Desktop Dashboard

Max out your

RS Series.

Discover the perfect accessories.

Included Accessories

Back Up Keys

Nano Key

Rechargeable Battery

Twin Pistol / AR Magazine Rack B

(2) Barrel Mounts with Extensions

Base Plate

Charging Kit

Mounting Hardware

User Manual


WiFi Yes, 2.4 GHz network required
Backlit-Keypad Backlit 8 digit keypad with built in proximity sensor
Battery Life Up to 6 months using Low Power Mode
Battery Type UPGRADED 3.6v 18650 3300mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Biometric Imaging Speed 40 FPS
Biometric Sensor Area 11.0mm x 11.0mm
Biometric Sensor Pixels 192 x 192 Pixels @508DPi
Biometric Storage Capacity 20 Unique Fingerprints
Construction Progressive Formed 14-Gauge Steel
Exterior Product Dimensions 14″ L X 7.5″ W X 50" H
Interior Product Dimensions 13.75″ L X 5.125″ W X 48" H
Lcd Screen Size 50.0mm x 25.0mm
Pin Code Length 4-8 Digits
Weight 45lbs