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Personal Defense Network

Self-defense and firearm education.


Personal Defense Network PDN


The Personal Defense Network, an influential platform for self-defense and firearm education, began in 2012 as a small group of passionate individuals with a shared goal: to enhance self-defense skills and promote responsible firearm ownership. Today, they’ve evolved into a beacon of knowledge, offering online courses, expertly crafted articles on a wide range of topics, from fundamental firearm safety to advanced self-defense techniques, and in person training throughout the country from some of the leading experts in the field.


At Vaultek, we’re proud to sponsor the PDN Training Tour, an initiative that promotes responsible firearm ownership. Your family’s safety matters, and our products offer peace of mind for responsible firearm owners. Our collaboration with the Personal Defense Network reinforces the idea that a gun is not just a tool for protection but is genuinely safer when paired with a Vaultek Safe. The combination of responsible firearm ownership and secure storage is a powerful one, fostering a safer environment for all.


We sat down with Rob Pincus, from Personal Defense Network, to share their story and how they are promoting a safer tomorrow.

Personal Defense Network

Firearm education and training.