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Vaultek Flagship Store Reno Guns and Range

State-of-the-art facility with retail, range, and training in Nevada

Vaultek Flagship Store

Meet Reno Guns & Range

Vaultek is proud to partner with stores like Reno Guns & Range that share a similar motivation to promote a better tomorrow. We sat down with owner Debbie Block and range and training manager Mark Covington to share their story and their vision to promote a better tomorrow.

Reno Guns & Range is a premier Vaultek Dealer and gun store, range, and training facility in Reno, Nevada. They have been serving their community for 15 years in their state of the art facility.

Before Reno Guns & Range, Debbie helped found U.S. Firearms Academy in 2008. After attending a woman’s expo she realized that she needed to protect herself. There is not always going to be someone else around who can do that.

By 2014, as sole owner, it was time to take the major next step. Along with finding their new location, U.S. Firearms Academy became Reno Guns & Range. A place for their entire community including women, first timers, and experienced firearm owners. She wanted everyone to feel comfortable and safe while providing the best possible facility and options for their customers.

Reno Guns & Range teaches thousands of students a year, at every level of their firearm journey, whether it is the intro classes, advanced classes, or concealed carry classes. Every single one of their classes and even the individual instruction has instructors who emphasize the importance of safety, the importance of safety and handling firearms, and the importance of safety and storing firearms.

They’ve done scenario based training where they have the person training with a firearm and a Vaultek Safe, and the whole process includes safe handling of a firearm. Not just safety there on the range, but taking it to have safety with the person when they go home or in the car. Safety is primary at Reno Guns and Range.

Watch as they share their story and why they carry Vaultek in their stores.

Learn more about the safer together initiative at https://vaulteksafe.com/vaultek-company/vaultek-safertogether/.

“I need to be able to protect myself”

Owner Debbie Block

“We do feature and we do believe in the Vaultek product line”

Range and Training Manager Mark Covington

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