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Support for SE20

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Get Started

Battery Installation

1) To get started open the safe using one of your backup keys via the keyhole at the back of the safe. Open keyhole cover, push key in and rotate key clockwise to open the safe.

2) Locate the battery door and open by depressing the tab near the front of the cover, allowing the door to fold down (Figure A/B).

3) Snap the battery (included in accessory box) into the battery door (Figure B/C). The battery door has molded snaps for the battery to clip into. Note that your Vaultek® safe automatically detects the polarity of the battery and can be snapped in either direction.

TIP: Make sure to push battery to back of the battery door allowing the door to close properly.
Close the battery door. When the battery door is closed you will hear a short welcome tone and the keypad will light up.

IMPORTANT: First time users should change the default code immediately after installing the battery to prevent unauthorized access to your safe.

Can I keep my safe plugged in?

Leaving your safe plugged in continually will not harm the safe or battery.

However, to preserve battery life we suggest that you unplug occasionally to allow the battery to cycle down.

Charging Safe

1) To recharge the safe, plug the micro-USB into the micro-USB receiving jack located on the back side of the safe and connect to a standard USB port or wall outlet using the AC power adapter. Approximate recharge time is 2.5 hours.

2) The LED next to the receiving jack on the side of the safe will glow RED indicating charging and GREEN indicating charged.

After installing the battery, use the charging kit provided to charge the unit 100%.

Using Powerpack with Wi-Fi Safe

ONLY use VP6000 to charge the installed 18650 battery when the battery is LOW.

Unplug VP6000 immediately when the battery is mostly or fully charged.

CAUTION: Leave VP6000 plugged-in when the battery is fully charged will cause the safe reset to LPM OFF mode (Wi-Fi always ON) thus deplete VP6000 quickly.

Master Code

1) Open the safe. Note, keys are included. With the safe open, press and hold the “PROGRAM” button (3 seconds) until all keys turn RED and let go.

2) Enter your NEW master code.

3) IMMEDIATELY Press and hold the “PROGRAM” button a second time (3 seconds) until all keys turn RED and let go.
Enter your NEW master code a second time.

4) IMMEDIATELY Press and hold the “PROGRAM” button together a third time (3 seconds) until the safe beeps and all keys turn GREEN and let go. This tone confirms that the code has been reset.

If you make a mistake and the new code will not work, simply start over with step 1.

Register Your Safe

Vaultek strongly encourages you to register your safe as soon as receive it. Registration provides many benefits including technical support and ordering replacement keys should you replace them. Your safe has a unique product part number on the inside of the batty door and a 4-digit ID number engraved on the keys. You will need these numbers to register your new unit.

1. Locate your product part number. It is printed on the first page of your user manual and on the back of the battery cover.

2. Find your 4-digit number engraved on the keys.

3. A copy of your receipt or order number.

4. You are ready to register your safe.

Get to Know Your Safe


Toggle Alert of Manual Unlock: If the Alert of Unlock is on, and someone opens the safe with either the key or by picking the lock, the keypad will start flashing. To toggle Alert Unlock press and hold  the ‘3’ key then “PROGRAM” button together for 3 seconds. The keypad will flash GREEN indicating enabled or RED indicating disabled. If ON and activated it can only be cleared by entering master code. Default is OFF.


TIP: Your safe can install on the mounting plate from the left or right side. When installing the plate, be sure the bottom is parallel to the floor (Fig P) so the safe opens horizontally. Angling the plate or aiming the safe downwards can affect the rail mechanics and prevent safe from opening correctly.

1) Locate mounting surface, making sure the safe will have enough clearance to open properly prior to installing.

2) Hold mounting plate in place and use a pencil to mark desired hole locations. Drill 7/32″ inch pilot holes.

3) Using hardware provided fasten mounting plate in place and tighten firmly.

Mounting Safe

1) Locate the 4 receiving slots located on the safe sides, and the 4 tabs located on the mounting plate.

2) Fully insert the tabs on the mounting plate into the receiving slots on the safe (Figure N/O), and press the safe downwards to lock in place (Figure P).



Available Manuals

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