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Unboxing 10 and 20 Series

Unbox 10 and 20 Series

Sub-Compact and Compact


Vaultek Safe, a name known for smart technology gun safes, boasts a range of cutting-edge products designed for firearm enthusiasts seeking secure and accessible storage solutions. Among its flagship models, the Vaultek 10 Series and 20 series safes stand out for their compact designs, robust construction, and advanced features. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of these two models, exploring their unique attributes, packaging, contents, features, and differences in capacity. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of why these safes are chosen frequently by firearm owners.


Setting the Stage for Quality


What sets the Vaultek 10 and 20 series safes apart from the competition begins right at the packaging. The exterior exudes a premium quality that hints at the excellence concealed within. The packaging not only protects the safes during transit but also serves as an enticing introduction to the product.

Urban Camo

Vaultek 20 Series


Choosing the Right Version


Vaultek caters to diverse preferences by offering variations within the 10 and 20 series. Whether you prefer biometric or non-biometric options, these safes have you covered. The biometric models feature high-resolution scanners with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing remote management, within range, through the Vaultek Bluetooth 2.0 app. Additionally, the 20 Series comes in a variety of colors and patterns, providing a personalized touch to your firearm storage.

Every edition includes a four-foot steel security cable, mounting hardware, rechargeable battery, charging kit, and two manual backup keys.

Take your safe further with Nano Key technology, enabling quick authorized access to your safe within range, compatible with separate models and sold on our website under the accessories tab.

Biometric Scanner

Vaultek 20 Series


What’s in the Box


Upon opening the box, you’ll find a set of accessories that enhance the overall utility of these safes. Regardless of whether you opt for the 10 or 20 series, the contents are identical. Included in the package are a 4ft steel security tether cable, micro USB charging kit, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, backup keys, mounting hardware, and a user guide. This comprehensive set ensures you have everything you need to set up and use your Vaultek safe.

Steel Security Cable

Vaultek 20 Series


Engineering Excellence


The reliability of the 10 and 20 series safes is rooted in their construction. The progressive-formed steel unibody, coupled with an anti-pry design and anti-impact latches, ensures a robust defense against unauthorized access. These safes prioritize ease of use and quick access, with backlit keypads inspired by the gaming industry. The addition of biometric scanners accelerates access, and features like the auto-open lid and interior LED lighting make emergency retrieval easier.

For an even faster entry, the Vaultek Nano Key technology provides discreet access points that can be adhered to various surfaces. Compatible with Bluetooth models only. Activating a paired Nano Key results in the safe’s instant opening. The Nano Key is available in biometric or push-button variants, offering flexibility in customization. Furthermore, the Vaultek Bluetooth 2.0 app enables convenient management of safe settings within Bluetooth range through a user-friendly app, providing insights into access history, tamper warnings, and fingerprint identification.

Nano Key Technology

Vaultek Nano Key 2.0 Biometric


Size Matters


While both the 10 and 20 series excel in security and functionality, their primary difference lies in size. The 10 Series is designed for storing one sub-compact or compact handgun, making it a perfect choice for those with limited space. Additionally, it provides a secure space for storing small valuables such as watches, jewelry, cash, and passports. On the other hand, the 20 Series is designed to accommodate one compact handgun or two sub-compact sized handguns, catering to a broader range of firearm sizes and offering a versatile storage solution for handguns as well as other small valuables.

Need help with fitment? Visit our helpful fitment page for printable templates for test fitting.


Vaultek 10 Series


Vaultek 20 Series


A Safe Haven for your Valuables


In conclusion, the Vaultek 10 Series and 20 series safes emerge as optimal solutions for at-home storage, providing secure storage of personal valuables and quick access to one or two handguns. Their sleek design allows for prominent display or discreet placement, striking a balance between aesthetics and security. Unrivaled in terms of size, security features, durability, and rapid access capabilities, these safes are a testament to Vaultek’s commitment to excellence.

Intrigued by the 10 and 20 Series? Explore its larger sibling, the Vaultek VT Seres, for even more storage options.

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