#SaferTogether Story

Vaultek Flagship Store FrogBones

Family friendly gun store, range, and bar & grill in Melbourne, FL

Vaultek Flagship Store

Meet FrogBones

Vaultek is proud to partner with stores like FrogBones that share a similar motivation to promote a better tomorrow. We sat down with FrogBones to share their story and their vision to promote a better tomorrow.

FrogBones is a premier Vaultek Dealer and family friendly gun store, range, and bar and grill in Melbourne, Florida. They have been serving their community for 8 years. Owned and operated by the native special worker community who inspire FrogBones from their selfness and dedication to protect their community. The sacrifice guides FrogBones in every decision in delivering high quality products and service to their community.

“Our facility has on site classrooms, allow people to learn, not just how to use their firearm, but the basics of safe storage. When the class is over we always recommend Vaultek because of their high end features and security.” – FrogBones

Watch as they as they share their story and why they carry Vaultek in their stores.

Learn more about the safer together initiative at https://vaulteksafe.com/vaultek-company/vaultek-safertogether/.

“We choose Vaultek because we know their core mission is to store firearms responsibly”


“We always recommend Vaultek because of their high-end features and security”


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