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Unboxing the LifePod XR

Unbox the LifePod XR

Standard, Range, and Special


Welcome to the world of Vaultek, where cutting-edge security meets unparalleled convenience. In this article, we’re thrilled to spotlight the LifePod XR, a compact marvel designed to redefine how you safeguard your valuables. Join us as we unwrap the LifePod XR, exploring its premium packaging, modular interior, standout features, versatile fitment, and why it stands as the epitome of compact security solutions.


A Prelude to Excellence


Step into the realm of security innovation with the LifePod XR, starting with its premium packaging. Crafted with precision, the box is a visual treat, answering your most pressing questions at a glance. From the product photo on the front, revealing the XR’s color and edition, to the comprehensive details on the back — including TSA compliance for hassle-free travel — the packaging sets the stage for what’s inside.

Unboxing the Contents

Standard, Range, and Special Edition


Opening the LifePod XR unveils a fully modular interior, meticulously preloaded with purpose-built modules tailored to your chosen edition:

  • Standard Edition: Featuring a padded divider system for a tailored interior.
  • Range Edition: Unleashing three pistol modules, a magazine module, and a convenient zip storage case.
  • Special Edition: Elevating the experience with an upper half-width padded divider system, a zip case, a full-width EDC tray, and a lower-padded divider system.

Every edition includes a lid organizer, a four-foot steel security cable, and two manual backup keys.

The magic lies in the modular design, enabling you to personalize your LifePod XR with additional modules and accessories, available separately on our website under the accessories tab.


Unleashing Security and Convenience


The LifePod XR inherits the groundbreaking features that define the LifePod series, including an internal lock, Smart Sense™ Keypad, internal lighting, and a remarkable year’s worth of battery life from a single 9-volt battery. This compact guardian is airtight, dustproof, water-resistant, and even floats when loaded with up to 27 pounds. The XR’s biometric capability takes security a step further, boasting a weatherproof, high-resolution scanner capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints. Tethering is made easy with the included high-strength security cable.


Versatility at Its Core


The LifePod XR emerges as a multipurpose champion, accommodating a diverse range of items. With the pistol modules, it can effortlessly secure up to four full-size handguns (when using additional pistol modules). The padded divider system ensures safe storage for various valuables, making it the go-to choice for firearms, jewelry, photography gear, and more. For those with oversized competition pistols, the XR Special Edition offers a tailored fit by allowing them to be stored flat in the bottom of the case.

Full-size pistols will fit in LifePod XR if the lid organizer is packed accordingly. However, pistols with large flared mag wells, extending the overall height of the pistol, will not fit in the XR pistol modules. We recommend storing competition-sized pistols flat in the base of the padded divider system to fit competition-sized pistols. To ensure your store will fit inside LifePod XR, visit our fitment page and print the fitment template for XR.


Compact Security, Redefined


In conclusion, the LifePod XR is not just a case; it’s a statement. Compact, versatile, and loaded with features, it strikes the perfect balance between security and convenience. Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast, a photographer, or someone with precious belongings, the LifePod XR promises peace of mind without compromise.

Intrigued by the LifePod XR? Explore its larger sibling, the LifePod XT, for even more storage options.

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