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LifePod XT Unboxed

Unboxing the LifePod XT

Reliable, Portable, Modular, Intelligently Designed.


In the landscape of secure storage solutions, Vaultek stands as a trusted name, renowned for its innovation and dedication to safeguarding valuables. Among its offerings, the LifePod lineup epitomizes Vaultek’s commitment to quality and security. Let’s delve into the LifePod XT designed to provide unparalleled protection on-the-go. Join us as we explore its key features and the security it offers.


A Prelude to Excellence


The Vaultek LifePod XT arrives with a focus on functionality and clarity. Its packaging not only showcases the product but also provides essential information upfront. With a clear display of the XT’s color, model, and included accessories, Vaultek ensures a seamless unboxing experience. Notably, the packaging highlights its TSA-compliant status, guaranteeing hassle-free travel for firearm owners.

Vaultek Safe | Unboxing the LifePod XT

Unboxing the Contents

Available in Multiple Models


Opening the LifePod XT unveils a fully modular interior, meticulously preloaded with purpose-built modules tailored to your chosen edition:

      • XT1i: Featuring a full-width pluck foam base for a custom interior and a crate foam lid.
      • XT2i: Unleashing five pistol modules, two magazine modules, and a lid organizer.
      • XT Special Edition: Elevating the experience with three pistol modules, a magazine module, half-width EDC tray with zip case, and a lid organizer.
      • XT Colion Noir Edition: Signature Colion Noir branding with three pistol modules, a magazine module, half-width EDC tray with zip case, and a lid organizer.

Every edition includes a four-foot steel security cable and two manual backup keys.

The magic lies in the modular design, enabling you to personalize your LifePod XT with additional modules and accessories, available separately on our website under the accessories tab.

Vaultek Safe | Unboxing the LifePod XT

Accessory Add-Ons

Versatility at Its Core


The LifePod XT isn’t just a storage solution; it’s a platform for limitless possibilities. Vaultek offers a plethora of accessories to augment your XT experience, each designed to enhance functionality and versatility.

Among the library of standout accessories is the Mounting Plate, which allows users to secure their XT to walls or luggage racks with ease. Whether traversing rugged terrain on an ATV or simply seeking added security at home, this accessory proves invaluable.

Similarly, the Base Pluck Foam and Padded Divider System Insert transforms the XT into a padded case, ideal for safeguarding delicate photography or video equipment and other valuable gear. With Vaultek, innovation knows no bounds, catering to the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Vaultek Safe | Unboxing the LifePod XT


Unleashing Security and Convenience


The LifePod XT inherits the groundbreaking features that define the LifePod lineup. Featuring a built-in lock system to quick lock and unlock LifePod from the Smart Sense™ Keypad, ensuring seamless access while maintaining top-notch security. Crafted with Vaultek’s T3™ polymer construction, it’s lightweight yet rugged, offering water resistance and airtight protection. With the ability to float when loaded up to 33 pounds, it’s prepared for any situation.

Equipped with an optional water-resistant biometric scanner capable of storing 20 unique prints for personalized entry.

Plus, LifePod XT is Department of Justice (DOJ) approved for firearm storage providing reassurance of its robust construction and durability. Prevent theft with the included steel security cable for tethering.

Vaultek Safe | Unboxing the LifePod XT


Versatility at Its Core


The LifePod XT’s versatility knows no bounds, accommodating a wide array of gear with ease. Whether you’re storing firearms, watches, or photography equipment, the XT proves to be the ultimate guardian of your valuables.

With customizable modules and ample space, the XT can house up to seven full-size handguns, with additional room for accessories. Vaultek even provides a downloadable template on their website, ensuring precise fitment for every item you wish to safeguard.

For those seeking a more compact option without compromising on features, the LifePod XR presents a compelling alternative. The XR offers rugged durability without sacrificing portability by pushing the same premium features into a more compact form factor.

Vaultek Safe | Unboxing the LifePod XT


High Capacity Security, Redefined


In conclusion, the Vaultek LifePod XT offers a comprehensive security solution with its robust construction, customizable features, and essential accessories. Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast, a photographer, or someone with precious belongings, the LifePod XT promises peace of mind without compromise.

Experience LifePod XT or explore its smaller sibling, the LifePod XR.

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