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LifePod Unboxed

Unboxing the LifePod

Built-in Lock, Weather Ready, Portable.


Introducing the Vaultek LifePod, the inaugural model in an expanding lineup designed to revolutionize portable security solutions. Built with innovation and versatility at its core, LifePod offers unparalleled protection for your valuables on-the-go. Its rugged construction and advanced locking mechanism ensure peace of mind wherever you are, whether it’s safeguarding important documents, precious jewelry, or firearms. With its compact yet durable design, the LifePod is ready to accompany you on your travels, adventures, or simply provide secure storage at home.


First Impressions Matter


The Vaultek LifePod arrives with a focus on functionality and clarity. Its packaging not only showcases the product but also provides essential information upfront. With a clear display of the product through the packaging including a breakdown of powerful features and included accessories, Vaultek ensures a seamless unboxing experience.

Notably, the packaging highlights its TSA-compliant status, guaranteeing hassle-free travel for firearm owners. Plus, California Department of Justice DOJ certification for firearm storage providing reassurance of its robust construction and durability.

Inside the package, you’ll find not just the LifePod itself, but also a comprehensive user manual. This manual serves as your guide, offering step-by-step instructions including a quick setup guide. You can also visit support online for helpful tutorials and setup or contact our support team for any assistance.

Unboxing the Contents

Available in Multiple Models


Opening the LifePod unveils a variety of interiors tailored to your chosen edition:

      • LifePod: Featuring a padded crate foam base with layers of removable foam pieces and a padded lid.
      • LifePod Special Edition: Elevate the experience with a pluck foam base or use the standard crate foam, and a lid organizer.
      • LifePod Colion Noir Edition: Signature Colion Noir branding with a pluck foam base or use the standard crate foam, and a lid organizer.
      • LifePod and SlingBag Bundle: Featuring the standard LifePod accessories plus a SlingBag with combo cable lock.

Every edition includes a steel security cable and two manual backup keys.

For the ultimate travel system, the bundled package pairs the LifePod with a sleek SlingBag, ensuring seamless portability. Additional accessories available separately on our website under the accessories tab.

Accessory Add-Ons

Maximize your LifePod


There is a full suite of accessories to customize your LifePod experience, from pluck foam to lid organizers—allowing you to tailor your LifePod.

For the ultimate travel system, pair LifePod with a SlingBag, ensuring seamless portability wherever life takes you.

Enhance security with a weatherproof biometric scanner offers another secure entry method, accommodating up to 20 unique fingerprints.


Unraveling the Innovation


The LifePod features the groundbreaking features that define the LifePod lineup. Featuring a built-in lock system to quickly lock and unlock LifePod from the Smart Sense™ Keypad, ensuring seamless access while maintaining top-notch security. Crafted with Vaultek’s T3™ polymer construction, it’s lightweight yet rugged, offering water resistance and airtight protection. With the ability to float when loaded up to 2 pounds, it’s prepared for any situation.

Equipped with an optional water-resistant biometric scanner capable of storing 20 unique prints for personalized entry.

Plus, LifePod is Department of Justice (DOJ) approved for firearm storage providing reassurance of its robust construction and durability. Prevent theft with the included steel security cable for tethering.


Compact Storage


The LifePod’s design revolves around seamless integration into the traveler’s lifestyle. Tailored to accommodate one compact or micro-compact handgun, it serves as the ultimate guardian for your essentials.

Need clarity on what fits inside? Vaultek’s support page offers a downloadable template, ensuring a perfect fit.

For those requiring a different size, fear not—Vaultek offers an array of solutions, from the LifePod 2.0 for full-size handguns to the micro-sized LifePod X, and the large multipurpose cases the LifePod XR and XT. Whether you’re storing firearms or other valuables LifePod proves to be the ultimate guardian of your valuables.


Compact Security, Redefined


In conclusion, the Vaultek LifePod offers a comprehensive security solution with the built-in lock system, lightweight and rugged construction, and essential accessories. Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast or someone with precious belongings, the LifePod promises peace of mind without compromise.

Experience LifePod or explore its larger sibling, the LifePod 2.0.

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